How much Bathroom? The age old question.

If you’re at a party and you want to start a good ‘ol fashion argument, you can bring up Taxes, religion, states rights or the difference between a 1/2 a 3/4 or a full bathroom.

For every person you ask, you will get a different answer. Everything from, a toilet and a sink is a 1/2 bath. A toilet/sink is a powder room. A toilet/sink/shower is a 3/4 bath. Yudda, yudda , yudda.

Here is what I’ve come up with….

By code, you can not have a toilet without a sink. they go together like peanut butter and jelly.

But you can have a sink by itself.

1e9e60ad6e12  powder room?

New half marble bath (2) imagesfghj   A toilet-sink is a  1/4 bath?

fixture-b2 ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????   A toilet-sink-tub is 1/2 bath.

bath3    Unknown    outstanding-really-small-bathroom-ideas-with-modern-white-toilet-light-brown-tile-floor-with-white-modern-vessel-sink-unique-wall-light-glass-door-shower

A toilet-sink-shower a 1/2 bath.

These two may be confusing. but if you think about it, you can take only a bath OR a shower.

large     images     bathroom-inspiration-elegant-white-porcelain-pedestal-sink-also-nice-white-toilet-and-tub-as-well-as-single-white-window-frame-glass-in-half-bathroom-ideas-with-wood-floor-design-thrifty-half-bathroo

A toilet-sink-tub/shower combination is a 3/4 bath.

With this you can take a shower and a bath. Depending on how dirty you are.

However that still does not do justice to the toilet-sink-tub and a separate shower. Now that sounds like a full bath!

Small-Bathroom-Shower-Remodel-Ideas          Small-Bathroom-Remodel-Ideas         retro-brown-eye-architects

Of course, this is still just a working theory and does not take into consideration the bidet or the advent of the home urinal.


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