Sample: Pre Inspection Agreement.


Home Inspections LLC

5850 Centre Avenue Suite #407


Property Address: ___________________________________________

Client: ___________________________________________

Inspection Date/Time: ___________________________________________

Attendance: Buyer – Buyers Agent – Seller – Listing Agent – Tenant

Other: __________________________________________



Please read and sign this Pre-Inspection Agreement, which becomes part of the

final report. This document explains the Scope of the Inspection, Limits of the

Inspection, General Exclusions, Terms and Conditions, Limitations of Liability,

and an Arbitration Agreement. You may call us for an explanation of this

agreement or any aspect of the report which you do not fully understand.



The purpose of the inspection is to report the general condition of the home and

identify and disclose major defects and deficiencies of the inspected systems and

components which existed at the time of the inspection and which are evident to

the inspector upon ordinary visual observation. Minor and cosmetic defects may

be listed in the report for maintenance purposes but it is not the intent, nor will

the inspection report identify and list all minor and cosmetic defects.

The client is encouraged to accompany the inspector during the inspection.

Client participation shall be at the client’s risk for personal injury or damage to

person or property for any reason or from any cause. The inspection and report

are performed and prepared for the sole, confidential and exclusive use and

possession of the client(s). The inspection report is not transferable. Systems

and components to be inspected include: exposed and visible foundations and

structures, exteriors, roofing, plumbing, electrical, attic, interiors, bathrooms and

kitchen, basement and crawlspaces, heating and central air conditioning, and

garage or carport.



The inspection is limited to the readily accessible and visible systems, equipment

and components of the home. The inspector will not dismantle and/or move

equipment, systems, furniture, appliances, floor coverings, finished or fastened

surfaces or components, personal property or other items to conduct this

inspection or otherwise to expose concealed or inaccessible conditions. The

inspection will not include destructive testing of any kind.



The following conditions are NOT within the scope of the inspection:

1) Water or air quality

2) Presence of toxic or carcinogenic matter emitted from the ground, building

materials, in water or air supply or from the operation of any equipment.

3) Items that are obstructed, inaccessible or not in plain view.

4) Mold or mold type.

5) Animal or insect infestations.

Examples of the conditions excluded above include the presence or

absence of asbestos, lead paint, radon, urea formaldehyde insulation, or

termite/pest infestation. It is the responsibility of the client to conduct further

inspection by qualified consultants to disclose the presence of these

contaminants and the means of remediation.


The following components or systems are NOT within the scope of the

inspection: security systems; appliances; playground equipment; swimming

pools; hot tubs/spas; lawn sprinkler systems; intercom and audio systems;

antennas; central vacuums; solar systems; water softeners and filters; wells;

septic systems; latent defects; adequacy of system designs; zoning or building

code compliance.



that the items inspected are defect-free, or that concealed defects do not or will

not exist.


Problems may exist even though signs of such may not be present

during the inspection.



A. The Client recognizes that this report is solely for the benefit of the Client and

that any person or party designated by the Client to receive information in this

report shall be subject to the TERMS AND CONDITIONS contained herein. Such

designation shall be provided in writing to the inspector.


B. The client agrees that any claim arising in connection with this agreement

shall be made in writing to the Company at the address above by certified mail,

return receipt requested within 10 days after discovering any problem.


C. The client agrees to allow the inspection company to re-inspect before

changing the condition of the problem, except in an emergency. Failure to allow

the inspection company the opportunity to re-inspect, as required above, shall

constitute a waiver of any and all claims client may have against the Company.


D. The Client agrees that, to the extent allowed by law, any damages or breach

of this contract or report are limited to the amount of the inspection fee only.

Furthermore, the Client agrees to pay all attorney fees should the Client pursue a

civil action against the Company, and fail to prevail.


E. The Client agrees that this agreement represents the entire agreement

between the parties. No oral agreements, understandings or representations

shall change, modify or amend any part of this agreement. No change or

modification shall be enforceable against any party unless such changes or

modifications are in writing and signed by the parties and supported by valid




It is understood and agreed that the Home Inspections LLC, is not an

insurer and that the inspection and report are not to be intended or construed as

a guarantee or warranty of the adequacy, performance or condition of any

structure, item or system at the property address. The Client hereby releases and

exempts the Company and its agents and employees of and from all liability and

responsibility for the cost of repairing or replacing any unreported defect or

deficiency and for any consequential damage, property damage, or personal

injury of any nature.


Any dispute, controversy, interpretation or claim including claims for, but not

limited to, breach of contract, any form of negligence, fraud or misrepresentation

arising out of, from, or related to, this contract or arising out of, from or related to

the inspection or inspection report shall be submitted to final and binding

arbitration under the rules of the state. The decision of the Arbitrator appointed

thereunder shall be final and binding judgment on the Award that may be entered

in any Court of competent jurisdiction.


INSPECTION FEE: $___________________



I, the undersigned, have carefully read the preceding Inspection Agreement and

Description and fully understand and agree with the limitations, exclusions and

terms described.


Client Signature: ___________________________ Date ___________________


Agent for Client Signature: ___________________________________________

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