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Here is a valid question  I am frequently asked:

“Do you think this house will pass the inspection?  We hope it doesn’t fail.”

That gives me the chance to explain that a home inspection is not a win/loose – pass/fail, situation.

My job is to gather information about the property in question.

Knowledge is power.

A good inspection will give the buyer and the lender, a good, complete image of the property.

I am a non biased third party.

It will be up to the buyer to decide if they want to move forward or walk away.


No house is perfect, except maybe this one:   annabella-house-slider


An issue that is a deal breaker for one person, may be not be a big deal to someone else.

For instance:

A house may need to be up-graded from 60 amp electrical panel to 100 amp.

The doctor may not have the time to get involved and look decide to look elsewhere.

……but the young couple? Well, her brother is an electrician. No biggie.

This multi-million dollar spread has grass growing in the Foyer……. 20120717-120835

This one comes with a piano…… aband-1

This little place is in a sub-par school district…….. 254_902138.

These two are right on the beach……….House-on-the-beach-Tampa-Bay        desert06

These folks just closed on their dream house:   the-first-6-things-every-lottery-winner-should-do  tumblr_le3zpa3ggh1qzf08jo1_400

They plan to level it and build a parking lot for their airport.