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Home Inspections

Let's talk about the inspection itself.

There's a lot to see.  Inspections usally take about 2-3 hours.  We recommend that you make time to be there to ask questions and to see items first hand that could be of concern.  After the inspection, you will get your written report within 24 hours, complete with pictures and descriptions of potential concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions



For me to do my job, you need to confirm with the homeowner utilities are on.  If they are not on, you need to make arrangements to have them on for the inspection. It is pointless for me to inspect the mechanicals of the house when there is no power, no gas or no water service.   These are the primary concerns when looking at a house.

Camera Test


This can only be done by a certified plumber.  This is something you, the buyer, will need to coordinate. I always recommend that a camera test is done on every home.

This will enable you to see the condition of the sewer lines underground, usually from the house to the curb.   This can discover issues as well as save you hundreds of dollars, before you buy.

Pass or Fail


There is no pass or fail as the grade for a home inspection.  The purpose is to inform you of what you are buying.  After the inspection, you may not be willing to take on a challenging home.  Or you may be excited to take on a renovation project and truly make it your own.  You have options after the home inspection.  If this is not the house for you,  talk to your agent.

Pest Inspection


The pest inspction is included in the price of your home inspection.  I don't charge extra for this service.  I look for evidence of pests; such as termites, mice, moles, rats, bees, squirrels, and any other unwanted non-human occupant. This is not a treatment for, this is just an inspection to detemine if there are any and the damage they caused. This is noted in your home inspection report with pictures.  A NPMA 33 will be provided upon request.