Home Inspections

Education and Certifications:


PHII: Professional Home Inspection Institute

Basic Home Inspction:  

Certificate # LMH30000021885

Advanced Home Inspection:   

Certificate # AMH10000022031

Defect Recognition:   

Certificate # DEFC0000022781

Structural Pest Inspection: 

Certificate # PESH0000023601 /

 Course Approval License: 0014YF

Radon Measurement: 

Certification # PRDN0000023685

Department of Radon Protection: 

Radon Testing Individual: 

Radon Certified, # 3145 - March 2016

Radon and RDP Product Management Course CR-24-101: NRPP: 

45A - February 2016

Radon Measurement Course for Testers, Mitigators, and Labs with Celia Radjakovich - February 2016 + February 2018 + January 2019

Mold Safety, Assessment, Reporting and Standards: 

Certificate # MSARS0000029746 - December 2016


ASHI: American Society of Home Inspectors: ID 261096

NSHI: National Society of Home Inspectors:  ID# 312230

NAHI: National Association of Home Inspectors: Member # 22870358

NOTE: NAHI merged with ASHI

Spring / Summer 2016

West Penn Multi List:  ID# H2301